Web Development

Bridge Media pilots your website creation process for your business, your event, your association, etc. We strive to ensure the success of your project. We guide you through the definition of business requirements and walk you until the the launch of your site using custom design.

E-commerce website
Bridge Media helps you create a real shop on the web. Your pages will be optimized to meet the ergonomic standards. We support you in achieving your goals.

Event website
An event website is to promote an event. Bridge Media advises and makes your event website into a real communication process and help you communicate with ease.

Showcase website
A showcase website represents your business. Bridge Media accompanies you and advise you in achieving your site to display and shine on the web. The success of your business is important for us.

Institutional website
An institutional website aims to reflect a beautiful image of your association, organization… Bridge Media helps you ensure that your corporate website becomes the ideal platform to get your messages or to organize events.

Site intranet extranet
An intranet is a custom web application for internal needs of a business. An extranet is a website dedicated to partners or customers of a business. We support you in the design and development of the appropriate solution.

About Us

bridge:media is a production/public relations and communications agency based in Dubai Media City and Tunis, specialising in the promotion of nations, regions, cities, transnational corporations, and companies.

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