Corporate PR

Having the right media contacts is the lifeblood of a good public relations agency.

Our well-established infrastructure allows us to collaborate with the major regional publications across the MENA region for the purpose of informing the public of our client's goals and offerings in a credible and consistent manner. The aim of the information flow is to maximize positive coverage in the media.

We understand and consult our clients accordingly what to expect out of the media and what they expect out of us to benefit from maximum exposure.

Our public relations services include the following:

  • Careful preparation and customization of a media strategy according to client objectives and principles
  • Agreement on a media policy that stipulates responsibilities, profiles and positioning
  • Drawing up a media plan targeted at finding effective ways to reach the target audience
  • Planning proactive and reactive activities
  • Preparation and distribution of news items, articles, statements and major announcement both through offline and online media as well as TV and radio broadcast

About Us

bridge:media is a production/public relations and communications agency based in Dubai Media City and Tunis, specialising in the promotion of nations, regions, cities, transnational corporations, and companies.

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