Public Diplomacy

Public diplomacy is a field of ever-growing significance. In a nutshell, the term refers to the entirety of measures a government or governmental organisation undertakes to improve its image among a wider public audience, particularly abroad. This is done through the provisioning of information to the public, press and other institutions that are related to the goals, policies and activities of governments.

Influencing prevailing perceptions can help rectify misconceptions and improve political, economic and cultural understanding.

Successful public diplomacy is a two-way communication: Resolving conflicts and promoting a mutual understanding and respect between the government and the public. The key is not just to shape the message that a country aims at presenting itself abroad, but also analyzing and understanding the ways the message is perceived by the society.

At bridge:media we have the experience for developing the right tools for listening and conversation as well as tools of persuasion when creating the right message. We encourage the cultivation by governments of public opinion across the GCC region, the interaction of private groups and interest in one country with those of another and the transnational flow of information and ideas.

On behalf of governments, ministries, embassies, and other official representations, bridge:media offers the following services:

  • Integrated, cross-media public diplomacy campaigns using Internet, print, TV, radio and cultural and social activities
  • Speech writing
  • Public diplomacy in crisis situations
  • Internet image improvement concepts for countries
  • Translation and interpretation of websites into various languages, hosting of online presentations

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bridge:media is a production/public relations and communications agency based in Dubai Media City and Tunis, specialising in the promotion of nations, regions, cities, transnational corporations, and companies.

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