The Challenge

Elegant high-streets offering excellent shopping opportunities and efficient health centres for modern treatments represent very attractive incentives for Gulf tourists planning their European holidays.

Over the years the city of Dusseldorf succeeded in moving from the more traditional label of picturesque city on the river Rhine and made of the internationally recognized excellence in health assistance and prominent fashion scene strong points of its touristic offer for Arab travellers.

bridge:media understood the necessity of stressing the aspects of Dusseldorf that would particularly motivate visitors from GCC to choose the North-Rhine Westphalia capital as privileged destination for their weekend gateways and European vacations. The new touristic features of the city needed to be further promoted among the Arab audience in order to shape an innovative touristic image of the city and attract a broader public.

bridge:media's approach

bridge:media assisted the Dusseldorf Marketing and Tourism GmbH in promoting special venues and characteristics of Dusseldorf by adopting the fashion scene , healthcare services and the 'green' dimension as main focuses.

Following the selection of suitable topics for the regional press, bridge:media' s consulting strategy developed through the creation of a tailor-made media list for the features created. The articles were then placed on selected women and lifestyle magazines as well as on UAE and Gulf daily newspapers.

The targeted audience received more detailed information about weekend trips, flight connections with the Gulf and regular hotel facilities available in Dusseldorf. In this respect, it was important to remark its standing of major connection hub for flights between the Gulf and Europe. Secondly, it was highlighted the fact that, being Dusseldorf the capital of the largest and most populated metropolitan region of Germany, arriving in the city would mean easy access to most of the different areas of the country.

Presented then as 'Green and Romantic', the Westphalia capital was described not only through its historical artistic treasures and evocative corners along the river Rhine but the accent was put especially on the abundant shopping and health treatments options offered.

These two aspects represent incentives of primary importance for Gulf travellers who often research sophisticated leisure solutions and modern medical services when planning their holidays in Europe. Tips on venues and events where making the most of Dusseldorf fashion scene were featured in the articles along with detailed information regarding clinics and cures of international standing.

Finally, available 'travel packages' solutions for visitors interested in these activities were included in the campaign as additional and important inducement for tourists from the Gulf. Indeed, the possibility of choosing 'complete packages' options when travelling represents one of the most important prerequisite for the Gulf audience which normally seeks family-oriented alternatives with reliable and well-organized services and diversified leisure opportunities.


Dusseldorf's aspects and services emphasized by bridge:media's PR strategy obtained significant space on the media selected for promoting the city. The produced features were extensively reported in the travel sections of the main national press, especially of the UAE and Kuwait, as well as in other dailies of pan-Arab and international distribution, resulting in a successful press outreach.

The targeted newspapers, including mainly general day-to-day and international affairs news, saw in the articles structured for the campaign suggestions and aspects of promised positive reception among the Gulf tourists. Potential travellers from GCC were offered more detailed information on venues and activities they typically seek for themselves and their families when planning vacations to Europe.

bridge:media's planned communication campaign supported Dusseldorf in disseminating among the Arab audience a more captivating and modern image of the city. The traditional artistic and natural attractions of the city were complemented by a more informative perspective on the animated fashion scene and modern structures for health treatments. In addition, the privileged position of Dusseldorf as connection hub also effectively contributed to encourage the arrivals from the Gulf.

In conclusion, bridge:media by mediating with Dusseldorf Marketing and Tourism GmbH its experience with the Arab tourism, successfully managed to convey to the GCC audience an image of Dusseldorf embodying the expectations and interests of visitors from this region.

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