National Media Council - UAE

The Challenge

The UAE National Media Council (NMC), is the federal authority that oversees the United Arab Emirates media, with a vision to establish an informed national media that is capable of putting forth the UAE’s message, and a mission of developing a national strategy to enhance a media sector that reinforces the UAE’s positive image and maintain its excellent status on all levels.

Since the unity of its Emirates, the UAE has grown from a quiet backwater to one of the Middle East's most important economic centres. It is undeniable that the UAE’s story of progress since the unity of its Emirates has been an impressive story of success. With the discovery of oil and natural gas, the country moved away from its earlier dependence on pearl diving, fishing and agriculture, and into an economy dominated by natural resources.

Over a period of more than 4 decades, the UAE has achieved many important milestones in the medical, educational, technological and social arenas. It also witnessed impressive economic and urban revolutions, crowning the UAE as one of the leading touristic destinations and investment hub, both regionally and internationally.

Therefore, the NMC chose bridge:media in order to promote such glamorous image of the UAE within the German community and allow them to catch a glimpse of it achievements, given that the awareness among the various German sector on this matter was not yet up to the aspired levels.

bridge:media's approach

An extensive cross-media diplomacy campaigns using Internet, print, TV, radio and cultural and social activities was developed. A press coverage campaign, which targeted selected media outlets, including newspapers, periodicals, internet, television and radio was planned.

bridge:media created a customised media list for the publication of articles. Hence, several press releases promoting special events and happenings in the UAE were conceptualised along with a series of features targeting newspapers and more specialised magazines with a general young reader distribution.

To further increase the exposure of the country and in order to reach the targeted groups, the campaign relied on a strong online, TV and radio marketing component.

Finally, additional media exposure, based on the described communication and messaging strategy, was conceptualized through a comprehensive range of communication initiatives, including regular news flow, media relations, TV and radio initiatives and online marketing.


For over 10 years (2007 – 2017), bridge:media consistently supported the endeavours of the UAE National Media Council with a communication strategy specifically addressing Germany.

bridge:media have achieved great success in enhancing the image of the UAE across the German political, economic and cultural community. This has been done by working directly with the then chairman of the Council H.E. Ibrahim Al- Abed, and is one of the key founders of the UAE media outlets, including the Emirates News Agency (WAM).

In conclusion, the shaped image of the UAE provided a fresh and appealing subject to the German media and secured a broad coverage of the campaign on the UAE. Thanks to the remarkable outreach achieved, the German awareness of an important Gulf country such as the UAE was tackled.

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