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Investment Promotion


A country's image is unprecedentedly shaped by the public. The knowledge and perception citizens and outsiders have about a certain country is directly correlated with certain associations. Most of us associate Italy with luxurious designers. Germany is closely linked to its high quality of workforce and automobiles. And Japan would not be Japan without its excellence in consumer electronics.

Likewise, the image investors have in mind of another country says a lot how they view it as a potential investment area. Therefore, the information that is publicly available is a fundamental basis to attract direct investments into countries.

bridge:media's competency in conducting influential PR and communication campaigns tackles the issue right at the investor. PR is the key in maintaining long-term relationships with investors through the provisioning of consistent messaging over the long period of time.

Country branding would not be sufficient as the effect of branding is to attract at the beginning. Therefore, it might catch the attention of the investors through visually appealing means, yet it does not have the power like PR to keep the relationship strong, informative and stable.

bridge:media has led various investment promotion campaigns and understands well that the main challenge is to transform a superior image of a country or state into concrete investment projects.